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A member of Redmoon Hall, followers of the Bleeding Phoenix, Yan Shoumei is a young woman who serves as a reflection of Yerin. She is a protector for her city, and her blood shadow is named "Crusher," a large (up to 15 feet tall) beast that has the hybrid appearance of a man and bear, with spikes of some sort down it's spine, an appearance of fur, a wolf-like mouth and jaws, and elongated fingers with large claws.

During her appearance in Ghostwater, she appears to be insane. She briefly speaks with Lindon, misidentifying him as someone else despite not knowing him, announces her triumph in her goal, and uses a gatestone to leave. In later appearances she seems to be much more lucid and logical. While Redmoon Hall members are generally viewed as being monsters, Yan Shoumei and her fellow Dreadgod cultists are revealed to be genial and reasonable, and from their perspective, their paths as Dreadgod cultists was their only path to power in the sacred arts.

Yan Shoumei wins matches in the Uncrowned Tournament, defeating her fellow Redmoon Hall artist Blacksword along the way, until she achieves top 4, before falling to Yerin in a close match, where Yerin achieves her next level of mastery of her blood shadow. This appears to fulfill the prediction or ranking of her master, the Blood Sage who had determined that a blood clone such as Yerin's is the most powerful, a blood monster such as Crusher is the second most powerful and has its uses, and a blood weapon such as Blacksword's is the least, and one that he seems to detest.

Yan Shoumei is a part of the hit-team that attempts to wipe out the current generation of Akura and Akura-affiliated underlords at the command of Raigen Shen.