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Before book 1, Ziel was originally an Archlord with his own Dawnwing sect, until the Stormcaller Cult killed his sect and injured him badly. "One of the youngest Archlords ever, an elite among elites, fortuitously reduced to the level of a mere Underlord.” (Uncrowned, ch 14). His challenge in the series is to regain his wounded core and restore his abilities. He strives to help others despite his suffering spirit.

Ziel of the Wasteland is first introduced as being under the Beast King's protection in the Wastelands, in Blackflame lands. He plays a strong role in the series, beginning with book 5, Ghostwater. Gradually he becomes comrade to Wei Shi Lindon Arelius and his friends.

Excerpt, book 9: “I present to you Ziel of the Wastelands, chosen of Northstrider, Uncrowned of the Uncrowned King tournament, former leader of the Dawnwing Sect, and representative of the Akura clan and the Sage of Twin Stars.

Relationship to Beast King and Northstrider

After he was injured, he went to the Beast King of the Wastelands for healing. The treatment helped alleviate the pain. Northstrider heard of him through the Beast King and had invited him to compete in the Uncrowned Competition. (Uncrowned, ch 14)

Injured Core/Spirit

When first encountered in Ghostwater, he was effectively a Truegold in power, because his core had been shattered and his spirit mutilated. He had been of the rank Archlord previously, before losing a fight against the Sage of Calling Storms, a hopeless battle he took on in an attempt to save the members of his sect who were fleeing from the power of the Dreadgod Weeping Dragon and especially its cult followers. The Sage of Calling Storms deliberately mutilated Ziel’s core and stitched it together incorrectly instead of leaving him to die.


Ziel is 35 years old in book 7 but looks only 18. He wears a dusty gray cape and drags along a mighty war hammer. He always feels weary, due to his mutilated core. For his goldsign, Ziel has two upward-curving emerald green horns. They’re luminous green at the base and they run up the gradient to the points, which are dark green. “His Goldsign was so condensed as to look completely real.”

His Restoration

Monarch Emriss Silentborn gave Ziel a healing elixir, which helped but didn’t do the trick. In exchange for one year of service, Eithan offered Ziel a way to restore his shattered core spirit. Ziel accepted the bargain and Eithan treated him several times with elixir and a long-lost restoration technique — the Pure Storm Baptism, created by Tiberian Arelius. Healing occurs when Ziel sleeps with sparks of lightning madra playing through his spirit and over his body. (See books 8-10). In book 10, Ziel seems to have finally gotten back onto his feet. Even though his outer appearance is still the indifferent Ziel that we met in Ghostwater, he is beginning to show signs of caring now. He even said out loud that he was frustrated that right when he got his life back together, the world 'ended' as the Mad King attacked.

His Path

Path of the Dawn Oath, the Path of brilliant Soul smiths and scriptors. The Path of the Dawn Oath has only two techniques, but the Oathsign technique is endlessly versatile. It involves Forging runes out of madra so they float in rings in midair, effectively creating scripts that have one of many different effects. The strength of the Path is its flexibility, the weakness is the precision and years of training that it required to master.

Two Main Techniques:

  1. Oathsign: the name of their scripting techniques in combat technique (his cornerstone technique)
  1. Stone Anchor: enforcer technique that binds the user to the ground and make them solid as a boulder.

Excerpt: “The Path of the Dawn Oath had only two techniques, and Ziel used them both. The Stone Anchor, his full-body Enforcer technique, ran through him like iron bars reinforcing his skeleton. It bound him to the ground, so that with stable footing he could stand as though nailed in place. But the cornerstone of his Path was the Oathsign technique. He Forged eleven green, shining runes in a circle that hung in the air in front of him. This circle hardened force aura into a solid barrier that stopped physical impacts.” (Wintersteel)

Ziel carries a powerful two-handed warhammer. A genius with scripts, he can forge runes on the fly that magnify his strength, act as platforms, boost his hammer, and he can create many different boundary fields among other things.

Sect Leader:

Zeil was once the master of the Dawnwing Sect and has experience in guiding young sacred artists. He offered a script tablet to help Linden, which might reflect elements of Ziel’s own Dawn Oath path. Excerpt from Ghostwater:

Ziel paced down the shelves until he found the tablet he wanted. The Script Lord, Archlord on the Path of Whispering Wind: the Creation of the Seven Principles. Ziel nodded to it. “For you. Try it.” (Ghostwater)

Sect of Twin Stars Support

  • Master of the Training Hall
  • In book 10, Ziel reluctantly found himself teaching young sacred artists in Lindon's sect, The Sect of Twin Stars. See excerpt, Reaper:

Ziel. He kept trying to rest, but wherever he went, the Sect of Twin Stars found him. They always found him. Someone had given Ziel the title “Master of the Training Hall,” and any students who needed specialized training hunted him down. Ziel tried his best to scare them off, but he was prevented from outright refusing by the oath he’d made to Eithan in return for the Pure Storm Baptism. The sect quickly figured out that he didn’t mean all the harsh things he said, and that became part of his charm. They sought his advice on everything from scripting to advancement to technique training to roommate squabbles.(Reaper)


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